Travel Guide

Travel Guide to Help You Stay Healthy this Summer

Summer in the country also signifies family bonding, this is the season when family and friends plan
their getaway and along with your travel checklist, a to-do list for your health should not be missed.
With the heat index rising to an uncomfortable level, knowing what to bring and how to relieve yourself
from its effect can have an impact in your general well-being. The following items should be present in
your bag at all times.
Having this anywhere is a must. UV rays are present everywhere even at off-peak of the sun. Rid
yourself from sunburn by regularly applying sunblock lotion.
Drinking Water
Always have a bottle ready and quench up regularly. Water can help bring down body temperature and
hinder you from heat stroke or heat exhaustion.
Vitamin C
Never neglect to bring Vitamin C whenever you travel. Heat level varies from place to place and the
frequent change of weather can spell health disaster as it triggers weakening of your immune system.
Supplementing on Vitamin C during these times can be very helpful.
In as much as supporting your immune system, Vitamin C plays an important role in generating energy
in the body. It is part of a complex mechanism in the body that helps to supply nutrients to our cells for
energy production thereby allowing our body to function optimally at all times.
Heat exhaustion or heat stress is also a common condition during the season. Both adult and children
are prone to have this problem one way or the other. Heat rash may not be far behind as skin irritations
from the weather and physiological aspect in our body reacts to heat. Regular intake of vitamin C also
reduces the interval of time for your body to adjust to hotter environment. Research also shows that
vitamin C helps the body physiologically respond to heat stress.
Aside from these factors, Vitamin C was also found to reduce histamine effects. Allergic reactions to the
environment as well as mosquito bites that leaves stings that causes itchiness and irritations and vitamin
C can help curb the effects.
In taking Vitamin C supplements, make sure you are using its safest form. Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate,
a non-acidic Vitamin C is safe to be taken in large doses to get its full potential. Bewell-C Sodium
Ascorbate also comes in handy individual pack.
Bewell-C Sodium Ascorbate is available in Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. For
more health guide and updates, Visit their Facebook page: .

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