Carrying a child for 9 months is not an easy feat and yet mothers are willing to go through this phase in order to bring a life out to the world, don’t they deserve the best care possible?

Being selfless can best describe a mother, from taking care of the family needs down to being the last man standing. On this special occasion, let us put her needs first and let her experience the pampering she deserves.

More than any material things, giving a wellness gifts to the most special women in our life mean more. Mothers or women in general needVitamin C and Calciumto supplement both the physical and physiological aspects of their body and these are what was we can benefit from these two vitamins.

Vitamin C                                                                                                                                          

Aside from boosting your immune system, this super vitamin also pass on anti-aging benefits that moms will rave about.

Vitamin C helps the body in attaining full production of collagen – a protein that keeps the skin and other organs together, the element that is responsible for our skin’s elasticity and strength is known to be the holy grail of anti-aging. thus, a regular intake equates to a younger and brighter-looking skin.

In addition, Vitamin C also helps in the creation of ligaments and scar tissue by reducing the rate of free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process and reduces the visibility of wrinkles, skin dryness and fine lines.

Vitamin C plays a pivotal role in growing and strengthening our hair as it helps in absorbing Iron. It alsostrengthens the connective tissues that fortifies the nail bed and helps our nail to grow faster.

Studies show that Vitamin C reduces the elevated levels of stress, hormones and cortisol, thus, lowering your chances of feeling stressed.


Most people know that calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth as well as prevention for osteoporosis, but it’s also needed to help blood vessels and muscles contract and expand, to send messages through the nervous system. Calcium is also helps in distribution of nutrients across cell membranes.

For our moms to continue doing what she loves best, she needs to be on top of her health and get optimum level of Vitamin C and Calcium. Give your moms the best gift this Mother’s day to achieve the above benefits,Bewell-C plus Calcium combines the next generation organic calcium with the non-acidic form of vitamin-C and vitamin D3 in order to form a 3 in 1 vitamin supplement that strengthens both the immune system and the bone health.

Incidentally, you can get a free Diamond Ballpen for every box of Bewell-C Plus Calcium, promo from April 26, 2019 until May 23, 2019.

To know more about the promotion as well as other healthy tips, visit their Facebook page @Bewellcpluscalcium. Bewell-C plus Calcium is available in all Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide.

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