Cebu’s finest young sharpshooter: Roygbiv Barro

Roygbiv “Roy” Barro has the eye an eagle.

Born in Mandaue City, Cebu, Roy’s career as a shooter arguably began at a tender age. He was in grade 10 when he found his passion for shooting. And from then on, he has etched his name quite remarkably in the firing range.

Roy is part of Cebu Practical Shooting Group, one of the elites in the Visayas region.He is also a member of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association.

Due to his grit and superb shooting skills, he is also recognized by top agencies in the Philippine National Police, including the BJMP, CIDG-7 and SWAT, where some high-ranking officials proudly commend him.

Speed, accuracy and power are the heart of the practical shooting, and Roy blends them well into a winning combination.

He has done a lot of maturing in the last years. There were a couple of championship games that he has won that has toughened him and made him one of the most formidable opponents in the competition shooting circuit.

He has bagged more than fifteen championship titles in different shooting competitions just for the last two years. His most recent title came from the Senator Bato Dela Rosa’s “Bato Cup 2019” in the Bureau of Corrections Firing Range in Muntinlupa City, his very first game outside the Visayas battlefield. He was accorded with the Junior Category Championship title by the good senator himself.

Young and sharp

While most teenage age boys were playing games, Roy was shooting for the Visayas records.

In a short span of time in the said sports, he has developed outstanding performances in the range.

Just as an eagle descends from the sky to attack its prey, Roy maintains sharp focus and accurate perception throughout the approach and attack at his aim. No wonder, he’s one of the youngest sharpshooters in Cebu.

He’s also one of the few practical shooters who has made it outside the Visayas battlegrounds.

On hard work, discipline and humility

Roy believes that to become somebody in the field one must work hard for it.

“Majority of the sharpshooters in my place are older than me. And that adds up to the pressure of getting a name in the field. But I am much focused and I really put my heart into it.”

Hard work and discipline runs in his blood. A month before his competition, he makes sure that he keeps a routine faithfully.

“I’m a very busy person. I have to balance being a student and an athlete. So what I do, on weekdays at home, I will do dry firing and, over the weekends I also go to the range and practice there from 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon.”

He believes that hard work, discipline and consistency are basics of a becoming successful in one’s field.

Although the 19-year old young blood has already accomplished a lot yet he remains to be humble at heart.

“I always keep my feet on the ground because I know that there’s a lot that can happen. I’m still young. Yes, I do achieve awards and praises, but I always tell myself that these are temporary. I never let praises get to my head. I just always move forward.”

Roy: A multisport athlete

Not only Roy can stand fearlessly in the middle of a firing range he is also feared by many in the football field.

Before becoming a sharpshooter Roy was first one of toughest kickers in Visayas. For eleven years he has been apple of the eye of Cebu in football sports.

With a passion and competitive spirit to boot, the De La Salle University in Manila proudly took him in the University’s football team.

When asked about his long-term plan on both sports: “After my football career in college, I will focus on shooting. I will try my best to improve. I plan to continue this until I get old.”

Roy’s focus on his goals in life reflects that of an eagle, that no matter how far or impossible it seems, with great focus and heart to it, he will definitely reach it.

“I will achieve it or I will die trying,” confidently affirmed by Roy. He aims to become a world champion in practical shooting. The country has another young Filipino pride from Cebu who is set to fly his way to the world.

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