December 4, 2019, NOVUHAIR’s team had the meet-and-greet opportunity with Michael Learns to Rock (MLRT) composed of Jascha Ritcher, Mikkel Lentz, and Kare Wansher. It was indeed a nostalgic 90’s retro night for the Manila fans serenaded with some of the band’s greatest hits like 25 Minutes, Paint My Love, Out of the Blue, The Actor, and NOTHING TO LOSE.

NOVUHAIR, a natural hair loss remedy uniquely formulated with 19 of nature’s finest ingredients, offering an effective and safe solution to hair loss prevention and maintenance for a decade now. Supported by a clinical trial, NOVUHAIR helps reduce the progression of hair loss – decrease in hair shedding and size of bald patches, increase in hair density and thickness and without unwanted harmful side effects commonly found among chemical-laced products. To know more about the product, visit Choose natural. You’ve got NOTHING TO LOSE.

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