7 Tips on Reorganizing Your Closet and Drawers

Meta-Description: While cleaning and decluttering your bedroom, here are seven tips you can do to reorganize your closet and drawers.

Closets and drawers are some of the most important and intimate items in your house. While your wardrobe looks neat outside, it’s the inside that can be challenging to keep neat and organized.

Whether you have a sprawling closet or a limited wardrobe, here are 7 reorganizing ideas to achieve that clutter-free and visually appealing closet and drawer.

Empty and Declutter Your Closet and Drawers

Start with emptying out your closet and drawers to map out how you will reorganize your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Emptying and decluttering will help you keep track of which items to keep and which items to sell or donate. Clearing out items that you don’t wear or use that often will also open up more space for you to store new items, especially if you live in a smaller space such as a studio apartment or condo unit.

If you have a walk-in closet, a standard feature in developments like Discovery Primea in Makati, emptying and decluttering the contents of your wardrobe might take time as you are working on a much bigger space. Use boxes labeled with “to keep” and “to throw out/donate/sell” so that you won’t misplace any items in the wrong pile or lose track of clearing out the visual and emotional clutter in your closet.

Organize by Category

After deciding which items to keep and which to give away, visualize how you want your new closet to look like. Don’t just fold and hang the items in your new closet. Organize your clothes by color, texture, and season. If you have a lot of business attire, hang them for easy access.

Shoes can be rearranged by size or by how often you wear them. Tall boots and formal shoes can be placed at the back of your closet, while shoes for work and gym will be placed at the front. Flats and slip-on footwear can be stacked on each other to give more room for bigger shoes and other items.

Your closet shouldn’t just be where you store your clothes; it should also look aesthetically pleasing so that every time you open your closet, you will be relaxed and inspired to keep your closet always organized.

Hang Coats, Jackets, and Anything Fancy

Hang coats, jackets, and items such as business suits, long dresses, and gowns. Folding these will cause creases and crumples, and perhaps a bit of damage. You don’t want to spend extra money on dry cleaning, steaming, and doing repairs. If you live in a much smaller space, use space-saving hangers to stack jackets and coats of the same texture, to avoid crowding your closet or wardrobe.

Another way you can hang your fancy clothing items is to use a hanger stand to display some of your favorite jackets, dresses, and accessories outside of your bedroom. Furniture shops usually have a hanger stand with space at the bottom where you can place your shoes. This is perfect if you want to add a bit of a stylish statement to your bedroom.

Roll and Stack Items to Save Space

Folding clothes might be a typical way to keep your closet or drawer clutter-free. However, too many clothes stacked on top of each other may make it more difficult for you to take out what you need. Instead of folding your massive T-shirt collection, roll them and stack them inside your drawer. This way, you save a lot of space to accommodate other clothing items, and it’s easier to get the T-shirt you want to wear.

It’s also a great way to avoid wrinkles, according to House Beautiful. Rolling your shirts, shorts, and pajamas are also ideal if you have limited closet space, or if your main wardrobe is a drawer closet.

Use Coordinating Hangers

Choose hangers of only one color to hang your clothes and scarves. Use coordinating hangers that complement the appearance of your wardrobe or the decor and aesthetic you are looking for. This avoids visual clutter and closet chaos.

Use velvet hangers to hang heavy clothing items such as coats, jackets, and suits. If you don’t want velvet and plastic hangers in your closet, opt for wooden hangers, which are sturdy and complement almost any type of closet or cabinet.

Use Shoeboxes to Organize Underwear

Do you have shoeboxes collecting dust under your bed and in your closet? Don’t throw these out. Clean and upcycle them as dividers in your drawers. Shoeboxes are great to store pairs of underwear, socks, scarves, accessories, and belts. These are also great for storing and maintaining the shape of wired bras.

Utilizing shoeboxes as drawer dividers and storage is practically free. It’s also a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than disposing the boxes and buying actual dividers.

Maximize Closet and Wall Space

If you have a wardrobe that has limited space for your clothing and shoes, use your wall to create more storage space. Keep your clothing items in your wardrobe, then use the wall shelves to keep your shoes, accessories, and storage boxes for shirts, underwear, shorts, and sleepwear.

Consider mounting a coat and jacket hanger on your wall if you don’t have enough space for an actual hanger stand. Other than hanging your coats, jackets, jeans, and suits, you may also hang towels, scarves, and belts to make it look more stylish.

Go for a laundry bag instead of a laundry basket. Doing so opens up more closet space for other clothes or shoes you would like to keep. Use drawstring laundry bags, just like those in hotels, or hang them on a hook in your closet to keep your laundry from falling out.

Reorganizing your closet and drawers is more than just spring-cleaning. It is also about decluttering any chaos in your closet, opening up new space for new items, and creating a more minimalist and cleaner look. You also learn that clearing out visual clutter is helpful in your growth and wellness.

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