Top Expert Tips on How to Earn Online and Scale-up despite the Pandemic

Here’s how you can earn up to 50,000 Php despite the pandemic using social media tools and online selling.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle or a new routine initially seems insurmountable. With COVID-19 too, we are seeing an unprecedented shift in the scheme of things as people, businesses, economies and governments are trying to adjust to the drastic change and slowly carve a way out in the ‘new normal’.

Amidst this raging crisis, one of the foremost concerns faced by ordinary Filipinos is how to sustain a livelihood braving the odds posed by the deadly virus. To address this all-pervasive concern, we got on board Jijo De Guzman, Photographer and Entrepreneur, to share some valuable insights to earn that green despite the challenging times. “In this pandemic, the best way to ensure a stable income is to become entrepreneurial. Being an employee these days doesn’t offer much lucrative potential. Learn how to do business and start one. It doesn’t have to be big right away. Start small and just help it grow steadily,” opines Guzman.

The ace photographer in speaking shared that aside from a concrete backing to prosper as an entrepreneur, a person must learn how to ace the right tools like E-commerce and Social media assets to their advantage, especially during this time of crisis, “There are many ways to sell. It really depends on what unique or different you are offering to the market. E-commerce platforms like Zilingo, Shopee, and Lazada could go a long way to help those who want to embark on their own online business. On the other hand for those lo0oki9ng for supplies and products to sell you may check  Zilingo Trade. They cater to MSME with options to buy goods in bulk or wholesale then resell it using their preferred platform then amplify it using Instagram and Facebook. But the important thing to note is that you need to be creative and engaging. People must remember your product or service.”

Jijo further explained that the biggest challenge during this crisis is offering something that is suitable and practical to the present needs. In particular, finding a good product that is fairly priced and also has an apt consumer demand is requisite. Hence, it is imperative now more than ever, to identify and address what the customer deems is essential and accordingly offer to the table. “During the lockdown, I first entered an online sale by offering milk to my neighbors. I got the Milk supplies at a much affordable price from Zilingo, which made more room for my profitability margins,” he noted.

  “Not all of us are skilled and built to do business, but during these times, it could prove to be a lifesaver. So give it a try. Learn how to be entrepreneurial. Start with small and basic, something that you are comfortable with and can leverage on, to create something you can call your own, your very own venture. Even a simple ‘buy and sell’ can do. Be honest and fair with your clients. Offer good service and do your best to gain their trust. Above all, work hard and be patient. Success doesn’t happen overnight,” Jijo concludes offering words of wisdom.

A lot has changed in this new setup, there are new hurdles with new responsibilities and expectations that we didn’t anticipate. But moving onward is the only sane approach now, learning anew along the way and coping and adjusting till the ‘new normal’ becomes normalised and the overall state is renewed with possibilities and potential.

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