In the middle of the ongoing pandemic, only the strong can rise to go against the norm. While a lot of companies have been forced to stand down and close shop, High Breed chose to rise to the challenge and so High Breed Lifestyle Clothing was born.

Keeping comfort in mind and the penchant of Filipinos for wearing hoodies at the slightest sign of rain or cold, High Breed Lifestyle Clothing delivers what Filipinos look for in a piece of clothing: fashion, function, and comfort.

Ian Pantig, the owner of High Breed Lifestyle clothing, wanted something that Filipinos can wear all year round. He also made sure that each piece is affordable but durable, meaning these shirts can last for along time. He recognizes that times are hard and want to make sure that people are buying something that is worth their hard earned money. 

As you can see, all the shirts have basic designs on them which makes them wearable anywhere. The shirts come in basic black and white. They are very comfortable and even when you sweat through the shirt, it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The hoodies, on the other hand, comes in S-XL which makes it perfect for almost everyone. It’s made of quality clothing, perfect for those chilly nights or when rainy season sets in. This will definitely keep you feeling warm.

High Breed is now open to accept orders here and they ship nationwide.  You can also check their Facebook page here.

Website: https://highbreedph.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/highbreedclothingph/

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