Surviving and Thriving In the New Normal

Who would’ve thought that we would live through a pandemic in our lifetime? We are all witness to how COVID has brought halts and delays to more or less everything worldwide.  According to the World Health Organization, there are already around 1.6M deaths because of this virus with a whopping 71.6 M cases worldwide and counting. The Philippines alone has more than 400,000 confirmed cases, and deaths are close to 9,000 as of December 2020.

But just like what happened more than a century ago during the deadly Spanish influenza pandemic, the world will also resiliently ease up and adapt with the creation of its vaccine. 

The Philippines, in particular, is already in full swing towards recovery in the new normal as more activities and businesses spring back, while maintaining utmost thought and care for this situation. Although this makes sense for the economy, we shouldn’t let our guard down and take this lightly. 

Moreover, we should find ways on how to protect ourselves and be assured when we start to go out. Thankfully, COCOGEN, with its compassionate and genuine heart for the Filipino, has launched COVID-19 Assist+, which provides benefits to those affected by the disease. Aside from financial protection from an accident, clients can get financial aid such as cash assistance in case of death and hospital allowance for a maximum of 15 days while they focus on their recovery. This is part of their commitment to provide Filipinos with an easy and affordable way to have peace of mind amidst this time of uncertainty.

Filipinos have definitely found an ally with COCOGEN with its newest personal accident product. These things are some of the essentials we should not skimp on especially during this time. In case something happens such as death, disablement, and/or injuries, we feel secured and relieved in a way that we leave little to no financial burden to our loved ones from the said disease.

Moreover, the insurance plan is offered in two affordable packages to cater to every Juan dela Cruz, with its basic plan for as low as Php 50, to its prime package that comes for only Php 75. With a genuine desire to help every Filipino, these packages can cover people for up to three months, giving clients the capability to have a maximum of two coverages of either the same package or a combination of its basic and premium plans, with the option to renew it again upon expiration.

Hope is in sight, knowing that proven and tested vaccines are on their way. However, to remain hygienic, healthy, mindful, and cautious in our actions should still top our list of priorities at this point. Include COCOGEN COVID-19 Assist+, a new essential for Filipinos in this new normal on that list, as well. 

Get your new essential today and purchase your COCOGEN COVID-19 Assist+ online or read more about the product here. 


Tourism attached Duty Free Philippines (DFP) today reveals new logo. This was initially developed as part of the planned corporate relaunch that was suspended due to the pandemic caused by COVID 19. The new logo was developed to complete the company’s rebranding.

Today we’re “softly” launching our new logo. The planned formal relaunch and rebranding would be inappropriate at the moment considering the travel restrictions in place and the company’s precarious business situation, “DFP Chief Operating Officer Vicente Pelagio A. Angala announced.  “We know everyone loved our old logo since it has been a familiar icon in every balikbayan household for decades. So, we thought it best to explain why we decided to evolve it.”

After three (3) decades, DFP had to make the inevitable change. The agency has constantly been finding ways to be at par with global business trends due to the rapidly evolving consumer preferences and shift in retail models. Renovation works, especially at its flagship Fiestamall store near the Manila International Airport terminals were undertaken.  Luxe Duty Free, a high end luxury shop was established and strategically located at the country and Asia’s biggest mall complex.  Its international airport stores, especially at Mactan in Cebu, were upgraded. More popular and exclusive brands were launched to further expand its merchandise mix.

The logo was carefully remodeled to reflect what DFP is today while retaining the core elements representing the Filipino’s traditional duty free shopping. “We were careful not to lose the trademark Filipino homey feel so the popular basket weave had to be fused in the new design.  The refreshed logo now emits sophistication and elegance with the black and gold colors while the diamond shape symbolizes excellence – true to DFP’s goal to be the country’s premier travel retailer”, Angala added.   

DFP, through the years, has been true to its mandate of providing the duty and tax free shopping needs of its market of international travelers.  The agency hopes that the introduction of this new logo shall serve as a reminder for its customers, employees and fellow retailers, that there is hope for new beginnings and a fresh start.  “This logo paves the way for our relaunch soon as we aim to be a newer and better Duty Free Philippines“, Angala said.