How Lamudi Helped Real Estate Partners Survive the Pandemic by Going Online

When Lamudi held its first Roundtable Discussion in 2020 on March 11, attendees were optimistic about upcoming trends. Little did anyone know that the country would go on an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) days later.

For Lamudi, this was a time to revisit its vision: to help property seekers find their dream homes online. Reviving the Search for Home Opening 2020 with a 16% year-on-year increase in pageviews in January, Lamudi faced a big challenge during its quarantine low in March. The digital property platform aimed to walk the talk in pivoting the industry online when going out is not advisable. Data showed that despite the dip in pageviews during the ECQ, those who were seriously looking for property considered this an opportune time to invest.

Lamudi knew that braving the change for the industry meant taking all of its partners with it. This guided Lamudi’s actions moving forward. In June, Lamudi held a month-long campaign allowing brokers and agents to post 50 free listings. That same month, Lamudi saw a 56.76% increase in pageviews compared to March. By July, the company was getting almost 100% of its January page views back.

Lamudi also took all of its events online, including The Outlook Roundtable Series and the Virtual Broker Awards. From helping brokers bounce back, to showcasing development launches through social media, Lamudi helped key players in the industry to continue business operations and reach their targets amid social distancing.

Growing the Family
In May, Lamudi joined EMPG, one of the leading digital classifieds groups in the MENA, South Asia and Southeast Asia regions. This is the first of many steps that took Lamudi to where it is in 2021: the leading real estate partner and trusted source of industry information. Lamudi also welcomed its new CEO, Kenneth Stern, in September, marking the beginning of the company’s envisioned hyper-growth phase, and supporting the industry through the unprecedented crisis. In fact, Lamudi is doubling its Philippine team to keep up with the growing real estate demand. The pandemic has undoubtedly impacted Lamudi and its partners. But if there’s one thing Lamudi realized as it saw pageviews bounce back, and even surpass pre-COVID numbers, it’s
that home is a safe haven, whether we are facing natural calamities or unprecedented health

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