Three Reasons Why you Need to have Craze Fashion Main Shoes

It’s summer time!

If you haven’t heard, flats are back with a vengeance. After all, with what has happened in the world lately, people need to be practical and stilettos are just not. Flats are and they also come in cute colors and designs especially the ones from Craze Fashion Main.

Craze Fashion Main is a shoe brand that is owned by Cristy S. Takano. Locally sourced in Marikina, Aki creates beautiful flats that complement any shoe size and type. She knows what is comfortable, having tried brands here and abroad so you can be guaranteed that every pair from Craze Fashion Main won’t hurt your feet.

The best part about these shoes? It is locally made. From the supplier, maker, owner, and staff, Aki sources Filipino homegrown talent thus ensuring that she supports the local economy. This is reason number one why you need to have Craze Fashion Main in your closet.

The second reason is safety. We all know about the flat that ends up having you flat on your back on slippery pavement. With Craze Fashion Shoes, this will never happen because the soles of their shoes have anti-slip and will protect you from making a splash the wrong way.

Third reason is Craze Fashion Main also comes in a variety of sizes from 5 to 10 making sure that you can have any pair you want. The colors are diverse and there is always something for every occasion, be it casual and even up to formal events where you just want to be comfortable.

Craze Fashion Main prides itself on how durable their flats are. It has been tested and can withstand being soaked in the rain as long as you clean and dry it properly afterward. With Craze Fashion shoes, you get bang for buck and you definitely get your money’s worth.

Fashionable, durable, safe, and locally made, nothing beats Craze Fashion Main when it comes to stylish shoes that are worth every hard-earned peso that you make. Shop yours now at or follow them on Instagram @crazeshoesph for more style inspo.

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