With an aim to provide customers and entrepreneurs new ways to become more profitable and revenue-driven, Zilingo Trade Philippines partners with MSE which aims to provide business solutions to those who want to expand their businesses online and explore the digital space.

Marikina Shoe Exchange is a wholesale company dedicated to serving customers with a wide range of products. With over 21 years in the business, MSE has instituted itself in the industry and takes pride in its growing number of customers and members.

“Alongside offering our customers affordable price points on our products, this partnership represents a step forward in strengthening the e-commerce industry in the country through partnerships with companies like MSE to elevate the experience and profitability of our local customers.” says Shiela Mauricio, Country Manager, Zilingo Philippines.

Recognizing the continuous growth and potential of the online retail market and the need to constantly provide its users with new and exciting options, Zilingo aims  to provide a unique shopping experience to its customers and enable them to expand their reach to customers across the region and profitability through digitization and enabling them to push their businesses online.“MSE recognizes that Zilingo iis a unique channel that complements existing businesses that link customers to merchants and vice versa. Through this partnership, we not only incentivize the customers of Zilingo and MSE, but also expand the profitability and reach of Zilingo merchants,” says Alejandro Jardiolin, MSE,Digital Marketing Manager

Currently, Zilingo and MSE areputting forward a reseller programme to sellers who intend to buy and offer their products on their online shop. With instant tiered discounts, customers are able to enjoy up to 40% discount on their bulk purchases.