Ladies, it’s time to #JoinTheBoobment and fight Breast Cancer

Join thousands of women in Avon’s Simultaneous Breast Self-Check on October 21

According to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, the Philippines has the highest number of Breast Cancer diagnoses among Asian countries, with 3 out of 100 Filipinos developing the disease before they reach the age of 75.

This becomes even more alarming in the current social climate as medical appointments become challenging due to quarantine restrictions.

Nevertheless, what most women might not be aware of is that they can perform a breast self-check right at the comfort of their homes, and that is a practice global beauty brand, Avon, has been advocating for almost 30 years, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October.

What most women may not know is that early detection of the symptoms is one of the best ways to prevent and treat breast cancer. In fact, survival rate increases to 90% if detected early.That is why this year, the brand is inviting women of all ages to again join THE BOOBMENT: Avon’s Simultaneous Breast Self-Check on October 21, 2021, happening at the Avon Philippines Facebook page at 6PM.The Boobment aims to encourage Filipinos to do regular checkups through a simple and fun routine that women can do every month.

“When you Join The Boobment, your support benefits all the other Filipinos who may or may not be aware of this indiscriminate disease,” shares Marion Limlengco, Avon Philippines’ Head of PR & Communications — “It is very important that we let everyone know that this disease can be addressed early, especially when you do self-checking right at home.”

Aside from this online activation, Avon is also partnering with KonsultaMD. The 24/7 subscription-based telehealth service virtually connects users to a doctor on call who can accommodate medical inquiries immediately. This partnership provides an alternative avenue of consultation for those who might detect symptoms of Breast Cancer.

Through The Boobment, Avon seeks to raise funds in behalf of the Philippine Cancer Society and Breast Cancer patients. The public may either donate via GCash QR code or through the purchase of limited-edition fundraising items at the Avon Shop. The items include the Self-Check Watch, which features a mechanism that will remind you when you should do your monthly breast self-check; the Breast Cancer Promise Manual Foldable Umbrella; and the Avon Empower Non-wire Mastectomy Bra, the first-ever post-mastectomy bra, a non-wired nylon micro-fiber lace bra equipped with soft lining with pockets for prosthesis and cushioned straps for comfort and support—specially designed with breast cancer survivors in mind

“Breast Cancer is not something we should take lightly, but it’s also not something we should be afraid of. But all of us need to be aware of the risks, the signs, and the actions to take should you encounter it,” concludes Limlengco. “That’s what the Avon Breast Cancer Promise has always been about, and that is what we’ve been always been advocating for.”

Help fight Breast Cancer by making sure you’re doing monthly breast self-checks (Tip: Schedule it 3-5 days after your period), and ask your loved ones to do the same. But if you want to take it further and pay it forward, you can also help others by donating or availing the Avon’s fund raising products.

Celebrating its 135th birthday this year, Avon has been supporting breast cancer awareness for nearly 30 years (since 1992), and in that time has raised $939m for breast cancer causes and funded 16.4m breast cancer screenings globally. For further information on Avon’s Breast Cancer Promise, please visit here.

QURE is here: A teleconsultation and wellness website made by Filipinos for Filipinos

A teleconsult website that promises to make medical consultations easy and convenient for many Filipinos was finally launched today, October 20., an all-Filipino-made website, provides a platform for online video consultations, connects doctors and patients for easy scheduling of appointments, and makes available a directory of pharmacies and other health and wellness providers. offers a free platform for doctors who want to expand their services via teleconsult amid increasing demand for virtual consultation.

“We created this platform with the Filipino patient in mind. It’s a simple website and it does not complicate the teleconsultation process. Even those not comfortable with technology will find these consultations easy to do. This is our new normal and QURE is here to help you navigate the future of healthcare,” said Gary Libby, QURE Chief Technology Officer.

A trip to the hospital may also be burdensome these days, as the COVID pandemic persists. QURE will help Filipinos find their way through this public health crisis while keeping their health in check. 

“This will definitely benefit doctors and patients. No more overbooking for doctors, and no more long lines for patients waiting for their turn at clinics. Whether via teleconsult or face-to-face check-ups, the scheduling system of QURE helps both patients and doctors,” Libby added. 

Andrea Trinidad, Chief Executive Officer of QURE, said the idea of the teleconsult platform started last year when the lockdowns extended and it became difficult for patients to see their doctors.

Trinidad, who has a life-long disorder called hemophilia and is the president Hemophilia Advocates-Philippines, said the pandemic really affected patients. 

“When I was approached by my friends last year and they shared with me their idea of a telemedicine platform, I told them it was brilliant.  We envision QURE to be an e-mall of health services where you can book consults, buy medicines, book laboratory appointments and even book a consult with the veterinarian for your fur babies,” she added.

More to know about QURE:

  1. The platform is data-safe, both for patients and doctors. Registering is FREE for patients and doctors. Consultation fees range from P500 to P1,500, depending on doctor’s specialization. But for its introductory price, QURE is offering a 50 percent discount for consultations
  1. Registered users can look for doctors for their tele-consult. Specialists have expertise on: 

Cardiology; General Surgery; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Integrative General Medicine; Internal Medicine, Dermatology; Otolaryngology (ENT); ENT Specialist Head & Neck Surgery; Psychiatry-Adult; Physical Medicine/Rehab; Pediatrics; Allergy & Asthma, Immunologist; Urology; Sleep Medicine/Insomnia; Ophthalmology; Family & Occupational Medicine; Cardiology; Pediatrics-Pulmonology; Family Medicine; Lifestyle Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery and Hematology/Oncology.

Also in QURE’s pool of experts: Nutritionist Dietician; General Dentistry/Orthodontics; Dentistry/Prosthetic and Esthetic;

  1. The website lets you know who is online.

Is the doctor in? No need to guess or call the doctor’s secretary. Through the QURE website, you can easily see if the doctor is available to take consultations.  

  1. Find doctors in your area or teleconsult with a specialist anywhere in the Philippines

QURE has a growing number of specialists from all over the country. The drop-down menu on the website shows that many doctors have already signed up. Many more are joining QURE in the following weeks. 

  1. It’s a growing health and wellness community. 

In the coming months, expect more health and wellness features. You will also soon see reviews of doctors done by patients themselves. 

For more information about QURE, you may contact us at or 0991.398.8781.  To check our pool of specialists, visit