Celebs #JoinTheBoobment with Avon

See the exclusive photos featuring Daiana Menezes, Dianne Medina, and Pauline Mendoza

For the past 30 years, Avon has relentlessly advocated for Breast Cancer Awareness—donating over $939 million in the fight against the disease, educating more than 180 million people about Breast Cancer, and funding breast health screenings for over 16.4 million women all over the world.

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Avon Philippines asked women to #JoinTheBoobment to promote monthly breast self-checks in order to detect early signs of Breast Cancer. With 3 in every 100 Filipinas diagnosed before they reach the age of 75, the Philippines has one of the highest number of cases across Asia.

Representing the Boobment

To highlight this important statistic, Avon Philippines held a photoshoot featuring three personalities whose lives were affected by Breast Cancer. The symbol for Breast Cancer awareness, the Pink Ribbon, became the key visual element during the shoot led by celebrity photographer, Andrea Beldua.

“Here, the ribbon is interpreted through a flowing tulle that represents women’s strength and resilience even in the toughest times,” explains Andrea. “I am so fascinated by the female form that almost my whole body of work revolves around it. So it is only right that I photograph women who are empowered, women who are survivors of this disease.”, she adds.

Daiana Menezes

Diagnosed with Stage 2B Breast Cancer in 2018, TV host, actress, and singer Daiana Menezes wants to raise awareness that diagnoses are more common than people think. “We all should be aware of how to take good care of our immune system. If you’re healthy, your own body could potentially help you fight your own cancer cells.”

After undergoing treatment and adopting a completely new diet, Daiana shares encouragement for other women, “Let’s move. Do our part. Behave properly regarding our bodies, mind, and emotional health. Eat what’s really nourishing you and teach others about it. Share the information [and] educate the younger generation on how to avoid having cancer in their lifetime!”

Dianne Medina

I lost my mom in her battle with breast cancer,” recounts actress and TV Host Dianne Medina That’s the biggest life-changing experience that we have. I really thank God that He gave us enough time to have her for a decade despite the hardships that breast cancer took not just on her, but on all of us in our family.

Dianne then became a staunch advocate for Breast Cancer awareness after realizing that family members are at higher risk. It also brought us to this reality that me or my sister, or maybe some women in our family might have it in the future.” says Dianne. “We encourage our fellow women to conduct breast self-examination as early as 20 years old. And as a precaution, I also conduct my own breast self-examination. This would help us to detect any noticeable changes in one’s breast.”

Dianne continues, “I believe that if there are any abnormalities in our breast, we can easily seek immediate consultation and increase one’s chances of successful treatment. Early detection and annual check is a very big help.”

Pauline Mendoza

Four years ago, the mom of actress Pauline Mendoza was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. “We endured a great deal as a family and as individuals,” recounts Pauline. “I’ve witnessed the pain and the difficult process my mom endured. As an advocate, I want to empower others by sharing our story and how our family overcame it.”

But despite the challenges, Pauline remains positive and hopeful that more women will be able to rise above this diagnosis. “The more we learn about cancer, the more we will understand it, and sympathize with those who are battling with it,” Pauline notes. “The earlier the diagnosis is made, the greater the chance of survival, and the easier it is to locate available treatment options. Early detection has the potential to save lives.”

The disease has affected the three featured personalities in different ways, but they all agree on one thing—that both survivors and supporters have an equal responsibility to promote early detection, a vital component in the battle against Breast Cancer.

TLC is all you need

Early detection saves lives, and all it takes are three important steps to remember: Touch, Look, and Check.

  1. Touch your breasts, feel for any lumps and squeeze for any discharge.
  2. Look for lumps, dimples, swelling or any physical changes in your breasts.
  3. Check yourself monthly, ideally 3-5 days after your period.

Should you detect anything peculiar or out of the ordinary, don’t worry because Avon Philippines is in partnership with the online teleconsultation app, Konsulta MD, so more women can take action for their health 24/7. Free Breast Consultations are available until November 20, 2021 for the first 500 individuals to avail – just use the voucher code PINKRIBBON.

For those who want to extend their participation in the fight against Breast Cancer, you may also #JoinTheBoobment by availing limited-edition fundraising items available at avonshop.ph including the Self-Check Watch, the Breast Cancer Promise Umbrella, the Empower non-wire Mastectomy Bra and Bra Prosthesis, or donate via G-Cash. All proceeds will go to the Philippine Cancer Society.

Breast Cancer is not something that should be taken lightly, but it’s also not something to be afraid of. Early detection saves lives that’s why it’s important to know the risks, the signs, and the actions to take should you encounter it—that is the Avon Breast Cancer Promise.

Don’t have an Avon Representative? Visit www.avon.ph or like and check out Avon Philippines on Facebook to find out how you can shop your favorite Avon products!

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