Fet Boys is the creation of Chef Kirk Ngo

With just a few days till Christmas Day, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what they can give as a gift. Since a lot of people have learned the art of living with less, the want for material things has waned.

Fret now because we have the perfect gift idea for you. Introducing Fet Boys, the chocolate chip cookie that took the year 2020 by storm. Hailed as the best chocolate chip cookie of 2020 by prominent food blogs, Fet Boys makes the kind of cookies that you need this Christmas.

Fet Boys is the creation of Chef Kirk Ngo. He came home to the Philippines during the pandemic and decided to pursue his dream of launching his chocolate chip cookies which took him 2 years to perfect.

The start of the show is called The Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookie. Made of Belgian Dark Couverture and California Walnuts, these cookies are best eaten with either coffee, milk, juice, or just on their own. The Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies come in two sizes, the Giant and the regular size.

For the Christmas season and due to demands left and right, Fet Boys has come up with a Christmas box that will allow you to enjoy both the giant size and the regular version in one go. People who don’t like too much sweetness will enjoy this because it’s not too sweet either. The sweetness is just right that even diabetics can eat a piece of this.

Treat yourself for surviving these crazy times or treat someone you love. If you can’t think of what to give this Christmas season, the Fet Boys Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies is absolutely perfect. Not too sweet, crunchy yet moist, and it gets better as days pass by. Fet Boys is all about good vibes and comfort food and these days, that’s the thing that we most need.

If you would like to experience being hugged by a cookie, , you may message the Fet Boys on their Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/fetboys

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