BNI Philippines is gearing up to help Filipino businesses thrive

The past two years have been extremely challenging for business owners and local communities alike. The initial lockdowns and movement control orders had resulted in a chokehold on businesses. Many businesses had in fact folded up due to the lack of customers, supply chain issues or simply because the cashflow dried up.

As we slowly and surely rise above the pandemic, and business owners are starting to come to terms with doing business in the new normal, BNI Philippines is poised to help businesses accelerate their recovery. As part of a global organization, in fact as part of the World’s Largest Business Referral Organization serving 300,000+ businesses in 74+ countries, BNI Philippines is able to bring local Filipino business to the international markets as well as bringing in business to local markets.

New business and leadership skills are needed to navigate through the new business environment. With 37 years of history and continual growth year on year, BNI has the experience and knowledge on how to provide what is needed by businesses in challenging times. In fact, BNI has our own “BNI University”, providing our members with thousands of hours of learning, workshops and courses from the leading business leaders and thought leaders from around the world.

Running a business as a small to medium business owner is often challenging, due to resource constraints, financial or otherwise. BNI Philippines helps business owners overcome this constraint by providing a platform for business owners to cooperate and collaborate. Being part of a positive and supportive community ensures that no-one struggles alone or being left behind.

We are excited to be hosting the virtual (online) BNI Philippines National Conference on May 26th & 27th, 2022. The theme for the conference is “BNI Better Together: Positively Impacting Business Communities” to reflect BNI Philippine’s goals to support local business communities on an accelerated business recovery path. Of course, true to our Filipino culture, the event will be filled with entertainment, awards, gala festival and lots of fun activities.

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