Unified Migrant Workers Global Representative called for a dialogue with incoming President  Bong Bong Marcos Jr.

L-R: Mr. Robert Picasso, Mr. Ken Bautista, Mr. Ferdinand De Los Reyes, Ms. Jo Ann Nouf, and Mr. Robert De Castro.

June 15, 2022, White Knight Hotel Saint Anne Manila – One of the main sources of our high percentage of dollar entry into our country is the remittances that come from the  people who work hard to work abroad for their families.

The question is… They have been called the new heroes of the country, but have they been cared for and appreciated as “heroes”?

These distressed OFWS, people who work hard, have taken time to successfully establish the “DEPARTMENT OF OFWs”, with the help and assistance of President Adviser Atty. Abdullah Mama-O, who was appointed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as the 1st Secretary of the Department of Migrant Worker on March 15 up to present.

So what are the reasons for this migrant workers to appeal president-elect Bong Bong Marcos to reconsider in replacing Atty. Abdullah Mama-o, the current secretary of department? His success rate, in the following: diplomatic negotiations, humanitarian missions, and along with his expertise helped a majority of migrant workers in the Middle East.

With the announcement that Toots Ople will be replacing Atty. Mama-o, they immediately requested an audience with BBM. “15 minutes is all the time we are requesting from him”. said Ken Bautista, VP for Unified Migrant Workers Global to discuss issues affecting their sector in the country.

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