Avon and Hulyen publish 3-part comic seriesto advocate Beauty for All

Doing beauty differently is what Avon has been advocating for 135 years.

This year, the #1 direct-selling beauty brand strengthens this movement during this year’s Pride Month, which annually celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community, alongside their stories and experiences.

Avon Philippines, in partnership with comic artist Hulyen (@hulyen), produced a three-part comic series that illustrates Beauty for All, Avon’s advocacy that puts the spotlight on democratic beauty not just for women, but for everyone—regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or expression.

“I think everyone deserves to celebrate their own version of beauty especially if it makes them feel good about themselves,” shares Hulyen. “It’s really great that a major beauty brand like Avon is rallying behind this advocacy because it encourages you to be yourself and celebrate what makes you you.”

Each strip depicts issues faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. The comics were distributed to hundreds of thousands of Avon representatives in more than 190 branches across the Philippines, encouraging them to learn more and understand better the LGBTQIA+ community.

In this scene, an individual struggles to remember the various labels in the queer spectrum. A friend reassures her that it’s important to be open about learning new things.

It also provides context that Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (or SOGIE, for short) goes beyond just the girl, boy, bakla, and tomboy that most Filipinos are more familiar with.

Another comic depicts a queer person who “magically” transforms into her true self when she’s with her friends. This has become a common experience with LGBTQIA+ individuals all over the world. According to Stonewall, only 46 to 47% of queer-identifying individuals feel open and confident to share their sexual orientation or gender identity with their families. Likewise, allies of the community should help create safe spaces where queer individuals can open up and express their true selves.

The last comic visualizes Avon’s commitment when it comes to promoting Beauty for All. It depicts an Avon representative who managed to provide quality beauty and self-care products for her customers, allowing them to truly enjoy their version of beauty no matter what their SOGIE.

“I have learned so much about Pride and how times are changing. It’s something new to me, but we have family and friends who are LGBTQIA+. Understanding them is a great way to show how much we respect them, and through these, I understand them even more,” Avon Representative Jennifer Limyu shares after reading the comics about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Max Closa, Avon Philippines’ Business Development Manager, welcomes Avon’s efforts to rally behind its employees in causes that involve them. “I’m so proud and thankful to be a part of a company who supports the LGBTQIA+ community. The changes might be gradual but it’s already a huge step for us,” Closa shares.

In line with the advocacy, Avon Philippines also recently held a SOGIE Sensitivity Seminar for Associates at their main office. Miss Trans World 2020 Mela Habijan spoke at the event where she discussed SOGIE, the different issues the community is facing, and how one can be a better ally. The trans beauty queen, host, and actress also made a SOGIE explainer video.

To further extend its efforts in inclusivity, Avon Philippines also supported members of Manila’s Drag community with various products like the Limitless collection (the first gender-free intimate apparel in the country). The company also reached out to the Home for the Golden Gays, which provides support and care facilities for elderly LGBTQIA+ people.

“Avon continues with its commitment to create a better world for everyone. With Avon, everyone can be brave, brazen, and beautiful all at the same time because Beauty is for All—and that is how it should be in the years to come,” Avon PR and Communications Lead Marion Limlengco says.

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DigiCon 2022 Set to Highlight the Startup Economy

The Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) has finally unveiled this year’s theme for the biggest and most anticipated Digital conference in the country.

DigiCon Valley 2022 will tackle the landscape of digital marketing transformation with brands, advertising professionals, and business leaders to celebrate innovation, problem solving, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Philippine firms. Happening from October 10-14 at 9AM to 1PM PST, official delegates will be able to learn from four all-new tracks that tackle the different stages of innovation: Launchpad, Hypergrowth, Breakthrough, and Enterprise.

This year’s theme is an allude at the Gobi-Core Philippine Fund Ecosystem Report of 2021 which perceived that the growing startup scene in the country is ripe for it to finally become a key player in the technology sphere, in relation to ASEAN counterparts.

The future for development and expansion is projected with optimism as logistics, e-commerce, and fintech sectors continue to rise locally, especially in a post-pandemic economy. It is expected that Philippine firms will raise more investments in the next three years versus the past five years combined.

Leading 100 speakers across the 65 sessions of the 5-day event, keynote Speakers include world-renowned marketing expert and academic, Mark Ritson; one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in the world and founder of the Huffington Post, Ariana Huffington; and the co-founder of Character Ventures and the inventor of the Design Sprint, Jake Knapp. More internationally-acclaimed speakers and guests are set to be announced soon.

After two years of virtual connections, DigiCon Valley 2022 is finally bringing back face-to-face networking through the DigiCon After-hours. Held between 6-9 PM on select evenings across the city, major sponsors will host physical gatherings which promise to provide cocktails, entertainment, and speed networking, allowing delegates to reconnect with others in the industry.

Tickets are now available for purchase with the early bird discount at 40% off in limited supply. For more information and updates on DigiCon Valley 2022, visit www.digicon.com.ph and follow their social pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

* This event will be powered by ViVYD. To learn more about this platform, visit https://www.qairos.asia/vivyd

IMMAP DigiCon Valley 2022 is co-presented by Angkas, and would like to thank Platinum sponsor Manulife Philippines and Tiktok; Gold Sponsor Investing in Women, an initiative of the Australian Government; and Silver Sponsor, Hepmil Philippines.

IMMAP DigiCon Valley is also brought to you by our Gold Media Partner Manila Bulletin, and our Silver Media Partners BusinessWorld and Inquirer.Net.

When your pet causes an accident

If you’re one of the many who spent hours of quality time with your pet since the pandemic, you know first-hand that their playfulness occasionally turns into mischief or naughtiness.

Torn furniture, missing household items, broken electronics, muddy paw prints on the couch, and near-miss dog bites could be commonplace in households with an energetic or headstrong pooch.

Younger dogs, in particular, are fond of biting games that could lead to unexpected nips. At the same time, other pets may be too protective or aggressive towards strangers since they haven’t had enough socialization and interaction with other animals and people because of previous community restrictions. 

Dog bites accounted for 85.7 percent of rabies cases in the Philippines, according to the pre-pandemic findings of the National Rabies Control and Prevention Program’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025. A highly fatal and infectious disease, rabies causes 250 to 300 deaths a year, a third of which are children below 15 years old and predominantly male. 

Dog bite victims need a series of rabies vaccines, immunoglobulin post-exposure prophylaxis, and anti-tetanus shots to prevent rabies. This treatment could cost thousands of pesos, on top of causing physical wounds and pain. 

Pet owners’ first line of defense against these unforeseen mishaps is to give their pups regular anti-rabies shots. However, even if your furry friend has been vaccinated, the person they bit is still required to seek treatment for their visible wounds and vaccinations. 

With the help of a pet insurance policy with third-party liability coverage like Malayan Insurance Co. Inc.’s Pet Care, dog guardians are shielded from the financial and emotional stress that comes after their dog bites or misbehaves. 

Pet Care Owner’s Liability Insurance settles the expenses due to bodily injuries and property damages, including unplanned veterinary bills. 

For a one-time payment of PhP2,800, owners have PhP100,000 worth of liabilities coverage should their canine suddenly bite or injure someone even if they’re not at home. This benefit could be used several times if the PhP100,000 cover was not entirely consumed during the initial claims.   

Pet owners who feel they need more security for their active or large breed pets may consider signing up for PhP300,000 coverage for just a one-time premium of PhP5,400. This policy also has a per occurrence coverage and may be used multiple times until the premium has been exhausted. 

Aside from dog bites, Malayan Pet Care’s liability coverage may also be used to pay for damaged property. This feature is handy for hyperactive or clumsy pets fond of playing with furniture and breakables or pouncing on the neighboring plantitas landscaped yard. 

Even if your pooch is gentle and friendly, it’s still a good idea to have them insured. Insurance helps defray medical costs if your dog runs into an accident or falls ill. It assures owners that their pup will get the medical treatment it needs, even if it’s not in their budget. Owners are also covered since Pet Care comes with personal accident insurance.  Responsible pet ownership goes beyond giving pooches food and shelter. It also involves taking responsibility for any misadventures or misdemeanors your pup does inside and outside your home.