Thread, one of the fastest-growing HR Solution partners and platforms under TESI join hands with industry experts through a thought leadership engagement with The Tipping Point.

Guided by its mission to provide a flexible and highly adaptive platform to rapidly changing macro trends and factors, Thread aims to solve several business pain points such as mundane and tedious HR and payroll operations, challenges in accommodating flexible work arrangements, and decentralized, manual, and siloed systems and data, among others. 

“We, from Thread, strongly believe in this initiative. We would like to help solidify the stature of HR systems in the Philippines to provide a sensible measure for our fellow Filipinos to have a more streamlined and productive digital HR solution fitted for their institution,” says Marvin Alberto, Business Unit Head of SaaS, TESI.

Recognizing the continuous and increasing number of companies that demand a more streamlined system Thread has now been offered to companies who aim to automate and digitize end-to-end HR and payroll processes.  Thread can be accessed via the web or its Mobile applications available for iOS or Android bundled free on every subscription of Thread services.

“At Thread, we want to dedicate our expertise to providing our target audience a wide array of services from a business-to-business standpoint. Through our service suite that is 100% cloud-based, work systems and integration will be seamless, guaranteed fast, and accurate,” Alberto added.

Apart from Marvin Alberto, the session was attended by Mr. Myke Celis, a global master coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Timeline Therapy, and the international best-selling author of the #bestmeever book series, who graciously presented facts about the future of work in the Philippines touching base the arena of RTO, Business bounce back plans, revenue growth, and employee satisfaction amidst the crisis.

At the same event, Mr. Gerard Dy, an Architect, also shared the next normal and the future of the workforce and work in the Philippines through his lens as a creative director for 18 years.

In his Masterclass session, Dy shares that it is important to identify the best-fitted ammunition to grow a business. “Guided by your passion and goals, as a business owner, you must learn how to identify, engage, and assess the proper ways to touch base with your customers and keep a value-laden structure for your employees,” Dy added.

Thread is one with Celis and Dy in believing the same value proposition that will enable every Filipino to achieve their business goals and be competitive in the market.

The Tipping Point by Thread was held last June and will continue to have pocket online activations and thought leadership engagements all across the year.

TESI and Thread team encourages people and companies to try its free demo and trial. Just email them at or book via their website at You can also visit their social media sites to know more about how Thread can help your business grow.


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