PRIOR: Focusing on Vital Priorities Small to Medium Enterprise Seminar on November 04, 2022

Small to Medium Enterprise nowadays are putting much importance on developing leaders, calibration and changes on ways how to value employees because people in the business do matter. Businesses thrive and succeed because of the people that works hard and diligently imbibing the company culture and it all begins with how each company treat the vital assets – the people. Ms. Bless Baluyot will talk about Decoding talents and skills for the workplace of the future on November 04, 2022 in PRIOR: Focusing on Vital priorities at Grand Ballroom B, Hilton Hotel. Together with her is Atty. Marvyn Gaerlan who will coach the participants on legal matters as they build their business from ground up. A lot of business owners are afraid to ask help from lawyers but in reality, we all need legal help when we are starting a business and even so when the business is expanding. So if you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, do you have the right small business legal advice for success? There are legal, financial, and time considerations to factor into the decision. Once your business stabilised, sales and marketing which is one department that must be moving along with your company’s goals and where you want to be, Mr. Mondo Castro will share how Modernizing Sales and Marketing Processes are vital to build sales pipeline and accelerate growth. With his 27 years of experience in media, training, corporate management, human resources and organisational development, there is no doubt, participants will have a lot of take aways from his talk.

PRIOR: Focusing on Vital Priorities Seminar is brought to us by Masterminds Institute Training and Development Services Inc., founded by Coach Ariel Tolentino and author of Significant Living book. The purpose of this event is to help educate, train and connect the Small Medium Enterprise (SME and Start-ups) owners to achieve a 10x profitability. This event will be attended not just by individuals but by 100 – 120 business owners and entrepreneurs alike. Mastermind Institute was established to contribute to positive change. To share our Success so that others may become successful as well. To live a life that matters and a life of Significance. Because in Masterminds, we help you grow your influence and leadership.

Reserve your seats now and enjoy the early bird rate until October 25, 2022 only for only P2,800.00 with snacks and participant’s kit.

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Consumer Insighting and Storytelling WebCon: The Turning Point

The Post Pandemic Consumer: Insights and Trends on November24-25,2022

Even though COVID 19 is considered as an endemic rather than a pandemic situation these days, there are still multiple variants coming out the effects of which are still unknown. Add the Russia-Ukraine war that resulted in the increase of oil prices and we have what seems to be a rollercoaster ride of situations that we need to handle.

With this year’s CISW’s “The Turning Point – Post Pandemic Consumer Insights and Trends” theme, we take into account the historical perspective of pandemics and its effect on cultural renewal. With every pandemic that happened in the past, there has been a rebirth that followed. Will this be the same for our time?

What opportunities lie before us? How are consumers and businesses adjusting and coping with the many changes constantly happening? What challenges are we facing now and in the future? Are we truly on the road to recovery or should we be on the lookout to brace ourselves for more pitfalls?

These and more will be tackled and discussed in-depth during our event. “The Turning Point –  Post Pandemic Consumer Insights and Trends” CIS Webcon will be held on November 24 and 25, 2022 starting at 1:30PM. A virtual event where we get to have a closer look at the post pandemic consumer insights and trends.

We are at a crossroads. Let’s deep dive into the new world of post-covid consumers, the new paths they are taking and potentially trek, with insights and trends that will help brands and companies to successfully navigate through the fork ahead – we are at THE TURNING POINT.

On Day 1 of the webcon, “The Consumer Awakens” sub-theme will identify new consumer needs based on recent research and understand the trends that can help pinpoint future needs and customer expectations.

On Day 2, it will be all about New Beginnings. We’ll listen to stories that can provide innovative ideas and inspire people to address different consumer needs that emerged due to the pandemic that still continue to evolve in this endemic stage.  What is the role of brand purpose, trust, of sustainability and what other frames of references are there for brands to consider in their strategies and plans? 

We have the CEO & Chairman of Havas-Ortega as our Keynote Speaker who’ll be discussing renaissance from pandemics. What are the new realities and new expectations for marketing and businesses?

We also have Martin Oxley of Buzzback, Joan Penaflorida of Yondu, Inc. Emma Mclnnes of YouGov, Roki Ferrer of Dentsu,  Mels Timan of Nutriasia, Josh Aragon of, Anna Lagon of BAYO, Germaine Reyes of Synergy Market Research. Ron Molina of Ginebra San Miguel, Phil Tiongson of Havas Ortega, and speakers from ACEN, YouGov, the Philippine Retailers Association, 4As and others to be announced soon.  Our moderator will be Yayu Javier of Avanza Philippines.

Each day will have at least six speakers and will definitely be filled with insights, learnings, many bits of knowledge that each one can share with their respective companies for strategic planning and program development.

Reserve your seats now and enjoy the early bird rates until October 31, 2022 only. Save Php1,800 from the regular rate. Now that’s what we call a bang for your buck.

Co-presented by Makarius Digital and with Adobo Magazine as official online magazine partner, “The Turning Point – Post Pandemic Consumer Insights and Trends” CIS Webcon 2022 is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. 

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